Voices Of Real


Warning: this audio clip contains content that some listeners may find distressing.

Movin on is not an easy thing to do,

You have been coached and bullied for far too long.

Told what to speak and what to think,

What to do and you’ve been pushed to the brink

It will take time, it will take power,

it will take courage and it will take strength,

you’ll find is all when you take the next step.

You DO have the strength,

You DO have the power,

Your just like the glory of the morning flower.

You’ve come through the darkness,

Where there was no light

To bloom in the sunshine,

With your head held high

These bad times will fade,

as all things do.

A memory of the past,

that does not define you.

So walk with your head held high,

Into the morning sun

Cause its time for you to be movin’ on!